Fire Tornado

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Pressing D to set White and Black Background as Default background

Open new Document (Ctrl + N) with details below:

Next step, I make some effects via Filter

Filter > Render > Clouds

I will have a new background like this

Then I go back to Filter tab:

Filter > Sketch > Graphic pen

I will have a option box looks like this:

with some details on the right side of the option box.

Click “OK” button to make a change.

I am on the half way now, I get back to Filter again

Filter > Blur > Radial blur

A new box comes up, my ideal is to make a fire whirl wind so I will make some changes :

I will get result like this

Applying Ocean Ripple effect to the layer.

Filter > Disort > Ocean ripple

New result comes up:

Now I apply a whirl round to the picture by

Filter > Disort > Twirl

To make whirl round moving from left to right, I set Angle with 400*

If I set the Angle with – 400*, the whirl round will from left to right:

Here, I choose the whirl round moving from left to right so the Angle will be 400*

The result will be:

To make a copy of “FireTornado” layer, I have 2 methods to do:

+ select the “Background” layer, use short cut CTRL + J to make a duplicate layer

+ select the “Background” layer, right click on the layer => Duplicate layer

I name a new layer as “FireTornado”

Turning the “FireTornado” around by

+ Right click on the layer “FireTornado”

Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal

Adding the blend mode to the “FireTornado” layer

+ Right click on the layer “FireTornado”

Blending option => Blend modeLighten

We will have an effect like this:

Clicking on an icon “Create a New Fill or Adjustments” => Color Balance 

An ADJUSTMENTS Tab and a new layer “Color Balance 1” are appeared at the same time

From the ADJUSTMENT tab, I make some changes following:

Result comes up:

This picture does not show any sign of flame, so I will make some duplicate layers of “FireTornado” layer

1st copied layer will show different look :

2nd copied layer will show another look :


By this 2nd copy, I think its color is suitable for a color of flame.

Next step is to make a real flame effect.

+ Right Click on the last copy, here is 2nd copy

Blending options => Blend modelinear Burn

Now is final result:

Beside the final picture, I can also create some other designs:

+ Select “FireTornado” layer

+ Applying Filter > Blur > Radial blur with different Blur Method => Spin

Another design is completed

If I set both layers “FireTornado” and “Background” with Spin option of Blur Method, I will have another design like this:


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