INM312 Systems Specification Activity Diagram Workshop 1

29 Th10

A DVD Stores (ADS) is a DVD Rental Store. Once purchased by the store, before a DVD can be put on the shelf, it must be catalogued and entered into the DVD database. Every customer wishing to rent DVDs from ADS must have a valid ADS customer card.
To Obtain an ADS customer card, a customer must enroll providing personal information and paying a one off £ 3 fee.

Customer rent DVDs for 7 days at a time. Every time a customer rents a DVD, the system must ensure that s/he does not  have an overdue DVD. In the cases when there are overdue DVDs, these must be returned and an overdue fee paid before the customer can rent more DVDs. the fee must be paid before the new DVDs ca be rented.

Customers may also visit  ADS to check whether they have any overdue items, as well as to return DVDs that they have rented either by dropping them off in a secure box or handing them over to a member of staff.

Every morning, the store manager prints a report that lists overdue DVDs. If a DVD is 2 or more days overdue, the manager calls to remind him/ her to return the DVD. If a DVD is returned in damaged condition, the manager removes it from DVD database and may sometimes charge the customer according to his/ her discretion.

Activity Diagram:



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