INM312 Systems Specification Activity Diagram

29 Th10


Guide Lines for Creating Activity Diagram:

  1. set the context or scope of the activities / actions being modeled. Once, the scope is determined, the diagram can be given an appropriate title.
  2. The activities/ actions, control flows and object flows that process between activities, have to be identified
  3. Any decision that are part of process being modeled, should be identified.
  4. Any prospects for parallelism in the process should be attempted to identified.
  5. A final step is to draw out the activity diagram.

Important Notes:

When we are drawing activity diagrams:

  • A single Initial Node that starts the process of activities. It should be placed on the top of the diagram.
  • A single Final Activity Node should only be one in the diagram and being placed at the bottom or bottom right of the diagram


The activity diagram below represents part of An Appointment System For A Doctor Office.


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