INM312 Systems Specification Coursework

31 Th10

Autumn Term 2012

Coursework: Activity Diagrams, Use Cases and Class Diagrams

This coursework is an individual project in which you have to specify (in part) a software system with the help of UML notation. It consists of three exercises around a single scenario. The first asks you to produce an activity diagram to describe the activities involved in the scenario. The second asks you to produce a use case model to capture the scenario. The third asks you to produce a class diagram to model the relevant system.
Deadline: 18:30, Thursday 16th of November 2012

1/ Scenario
A Real Estate Inc. (AREI)
A Real Estate Inc. (AREI) sells houses. People who want to sell their houses sign a contract with AREI, and provide information on their house (street address, postcode, number of bedrooms, type of house1, and price). The information on the house and the seller (name, street address, postcode, and bank details) is kept in a database by AREI. The information on the house for sale is sent to the citywide multiple listing service used by all real estate agents.

Note: Type of houses here refers to the options: detached, semi-detached, or terraced.
AREI works with two types of potential buyers. Some buyers have interest in one specific house. In this case, AREI prints information from its database, which the real estate agent uses to help show the house to the buyer (a process beyond the scope of the system to be modelled). Other buyers seek AREI’s advice in finding a house that meets their needs. In this case, the buyer completes a buyer information form including the buyer’s details (name, street address, and postcode) as well as details defining houses that might be of interest (possible postcodes, number of bedrooms, types of houses, and budget). The information on the buyer and his/her interests are entered into a buyer database. AREI real estate agents use the information on the buyer’s interests to search AREI’s database and the multiple listing service for houses that meet their needs. The results of their searches are printed and used to help the real estate agent show houses to the buyer.

Every two weeks, AREI’s software system generates a report informing the AREI real estate agents of any new properties that have entered the market and might be of interest to their enrolled existing potential buyers (i.e., buyers in their database with a profile that matches the new houses’ descriptions). These matching searches are also performed every time that a new house is put up for sale with AREI and/or there is a change in the interests of an enrolled potential buyer.

2/ The Task

1. Create an activity diagram for the system described above

Version 1: An Activity Diagram

2. For the AREI system described above, you should produce a use case model.
a. Identify the main use cases.
b. Produce a use case diagram. This should include system, actors, use cases and
all relationships. If appropriate to simplify and/or clarify the model, you might
also use include and extend relationships, as well as use case and/or actor
generalisation in your diagram.

Version 1: Use case Diagram

c. Provide the use case specifications covering the processes followed when a
seller is interested on selling his/her house with AREI.

You may include a glossary for clarity. The complete use case model,
including any clarification notes, must fit in at most 4 pages (font:
Times 10 or larger; margins: 2.5 cm or larger); it may well fit in fewer

3. Produce a class diagram for AREI. Include attributes, operations, types associations,
multiplicities, roles and association names as appropriate. You only need to include
entity classes here.


2 responses to “INM312 Systems Specification Coursework

  1. Amelie

    11/11/2012 at 5:46 chiều

    I’m working on something very similar to your coursework.
    did you get the solution of AREI scenario from Systems Analysis and Design with UML lecturer book or was it your own personal version of this case?



    • thientanchuong

      11/18/2013 at 12:33 chiều

      Hi there, our tutor gave us a solution in lecture but I do not keep it, sorry


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